Friday, August 13, 2010

Turn Signals: 101.

Really people, how hard is it to use your turn signal? And why is it that no one uses them anymore? If anyone has an answer please post a comment. After my evening commute today, I realized how upset I am about this. I'm pretty sure if you didn't use your signal when you took your driving test it was an automatic FAIL.

Am I supposed to know that you are going to cut me off? Sometimes it's easy to tell, only because I've seen those crazy lane changers out there. I think the kids are calling it "weaving". News flash: YOU'RE NOT COOL. You actually look pretty stupid. Why do you think the signal is located in a convenient, accessible area? Correct, so you won't use it.

Just in case any of you out there have forgotten how to use your signal I've put together a short tutorial with pictures for better understanding.

When turning LEFT keep your left hand on the wheel at 9 o'clock and stick your fingers out (they should reach, if not I suggest studying this) so your index finger is above and middle finger is below the signal, like so. Simply flick the signal DOWN, you will hear a click and the pretty light will flash and there ya go, by golly you've used your signal! Your signal will conveniently click off on its own after you have made your turn.

Follow the same instructions when turning RIGHT, except flick the signal UP, like so.

I hope this helps. Now go out there are use your sigs!!!

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  1. Ahh so when turning right, you push up. It all makes sense now. Thanks